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Solving Performance Challenges on a Scratch Pad

Leaders are constantly trying to improve the performance of their employees and teams.  Some act too quickly and take action without gaining results.  Others conduct so much analysis they hardly act at all.  The Solving Performance Challenges workshop gives participants a simple set of tools that create rapid and accurate performance improvement solutions.

Managers and supervisors who want to improve employee performance

Half-day or lunch & learn format

Participants come to the workshop prepared with real-life performance challenges to work on.  The expectation is they will leave the session with a concrete action plan for improving the performance of their individual employees or teams.  The session focuses on three main topics:

  1. Finding quick fixes to performance challenges
  2. Identifying the root causes of poor performance
  3. Creating performance improvement solutions that can easily be implemented


  • “The best part was the ability to solve real-life performance challenges in class.”
  • “The tools provided were extremely helpful.”
  • “The teamwork and group input was great!”

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