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High Performance Management

Getting the most out your employees is a challenge for every manager or supervisor. To make it harder, management techniques that worked ten or twenty years ago are no longer as effective with younger generations of workers. This interactive workshop focuses on proven techniques to help your team achieve and sustain a high level of performance. Participants will learn how to maximize employee engagement and get their team’s buy-in to a shared vision for success.

Supervisors and managers who want to improve employee performance


  • Full day
  • Two ½ day workshops (4 hours each)

A variety of active training techniques are used, including role-playing, group discussion, personal reflection, and games. Participants are given a hands-on introduction to a basic performance management formula:

  1. Set clear expectations
  2. Coach employees to achieve performance standards
  3. Encourage continued performance once standards are achieved
  4. Hold people accountable

Here is what just a few participants have said about the Performance Management workshop.

  • "I loved the role-playing and the group discussions!"
  • "As a new manager it was nice to hear what others suggested on disciplining employees."
  • "Jeff was very knowledgeable and he kept our attention as he was very upbeat and personable."
  • "The best part was the clear examples that are applicable to our roles as managers."
  • "Activities were “customized” to real issues that our team deals with daily."

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Download printable PDF