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Training isn't always the answer, or sometimes it isn't enough. We can help you design, develop, and implement sustainable business solutions to maximize customer service and employee performance.

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Below are examples of our most popular consulting services.

Assessments: The key to cost-effective performance improvement is knowing where to start. Our customer service and employee engagement assessments quickly pinpoint your areas of strength and identify the leverage points that will yield better results.

Curriculum Coordination: Small and mid-sized businesses often don't have the time or resources to run a full-scale corporate training program. Fortunately, we have the resources to do it for you, often at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to bring it all in-house.

Customized Training: Let us build a training program just for you.

Solving Performance Challenges on a Scratch Pad

Sometimes, all you need to solve a performance challenge is a few simple tools, a couple of co-workers, and a scratch pad to help you work it out. This workshop will help your leaders examine performance improvement opportunities on their team, apply a simple set of tools to identify practical solutions, and create an action plan to make it happen. Combine this session with one-on-one coaching to rapidly achieve big results.

Performance Improvement Case Studies