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Employee Training Programs

Delivering Next Level Service

The course is based upon lessons from the book, Service Failure, which reveals hidden obstacles that make it hard for employees to serve their customers. The workshop shares proven techniques for overcoming these challenges so participants can deliver exceptional customer service. 

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Getting Started as a Supervisor

Supervisors play a crucial role in their employees' performance, but many new supervisors are promoted from within and receive no formal training to help them become effective. This workshop introduces participants to the foundational concepts required to effectively lead other people.

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High Performance Management

Getting the most out your employees is a challenge for every manager or supervisor. This interactive workshop focuses on proven techniques to that managers can use to help their team achieve and sustain a high level of performance.

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Please call Jeff Toister at 619-955-7946 or email him to schedule a free consultation.

Let us create a training program for you! Our expert instructional design capabilities can help you create a customized training program on budget and on time while delivering better than expected results.

Case Study: Reducing New hire Training Time

Call Jeff Toister at 619-955-7946 or email him to schedule a free consultation.

Our Clients Say:

"When my company was purchased and a trainer from the new parent company came in the staff came into my office demanding Jeff be brought back."
- Amber Herrmann, Director of Employment Services

“Jeff provides great training and works well with HR and/or business managers to customize his teaching to the audience. He provides a good balance of personal business experience with research and subject knowledge and maintains the interest of the trainees.”
- Cheri Caviness, Sr. Vice President of Human Resources